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Information Security Group


The Telematic Services research group focuses its activity on the development and proposal of telematic services in telecommunication networks, stressing the security services.  Audiovisual services, distributed media systems and corporative services within intranet environments and Internet are the the group’s main research topics.

Regarding security services, the main areas of interest are authentication, privacy, copyright protection in multimedia content, wireless communication security and group communication security.

Moreover, the group deals with QoS management for hybrid networks, modeling and evaluation of the performance of multimedia services and the design of self-configuring network architectures for providing efficient multimedia content.

The group is involved in several national and international projects, and its research has been extensively published in numerous magazines and international congresses.

The main topics in which the research group ISG/SISCOM is currently interested include:

  • Information security in telecommunication networks

  • P2P applications and services

  • QoS in distributed multimedia services

  • Audiovisual services
  • Multimedia service modeling

  • QoS and cross-layer in network architecture design

Research Topics

  • Studing measures addressed to protect user privacy in information systems.

    • Privacy in statistical Data Bases

    • Privacy in location-based services

  • Copyright protection and digital content distribution rights

    • Studying and selecting error-correcting codes suitable for fingerprinting

    • Studyng decoding algorithms for tracking codes

    • Platform development for copyright protection in video and PDF documents

  • Security in P2P networks

    • Secure identification

    • Secure distributed filesystems

    • Sematics searches

    • Reputation system development

  • Security in wireless networks

    • Authentication and reputation in MANETs

    • Group key management for sensor networks

    • Security in cognitive networks

  • Provision of QoS

    • Provision and management
    • Provision and management of QoS in P2P and hybrid networks
    • Modeling and evaluation of performance in multimedia services
  • Cross-layer design of self-configuring networks architectures in MANETs, PCL and satellite networks
  • Secure remote certification of documents

    • Checking the document validity in connectionless environments
    • Studying of identification mechanisms allowing to change the product status in a secure way
    • Offline revocation of previous validated documents
  • Product secure identification through RFID

    • Studing of identification mechanisms allowing to change the product status in a secure way

Outstanding projects

The Telematic Services research group is involved in multiple developments and research projects related to telematic services and its security. Among these projects it is worth mentioning the following:

Ongoing projects

  • ARES: team for advanced research on information Security and Privacy. Project CONSOLIDER-INGENIO-2010 CSD2007-00004.

  • P2PSEC. Secure provision of P2P services. Project TEC2008-06663-C03-C1.

  • Inquiry-based, with a Trustness model support, semantic Annotations and Communities formation Assistance. Project TSI2007-65393-C02-02

  • TELECANAL. Telematic netwrk for control and monitoring of the channel status. Funding organization Comunitat de Regants Sindicat Agrícola de l'Ebre.

  • ELefANTC. E-Learning for Acquiring New Types of Skills – Continued. Project Leonardo da Vinci CZ/08/LLP-LdV/TOI/134019

  • Contactam-e. Location applications through personal terminal and operator manipulation. Funding Organization: Call-Net Group.

  • InREDis: Relation interfaces between the environment and disabled persons. CENIT project.

Finished projects

  • UBISEC: Ubiquitous Networks with a Secure Provision of Services, Access, and Content Delivery.Projecte: IST-FP6 506926

  • SECONNET. Distributed platform for secure electronic commerce of multimedia content over broadband hybrid networks. Projectat TSI2005-07293-C02-01

  • FIDELCOMERÇ. Studying and development of the server platform for the customer loyalty plan of the Fundació Comerç Ciutadà. Funding Organization: Fundació Comerç Ciutadà

  • e-Representative. A Virtual Desktop to Support the Mobile Elected Representative. Projecte: IST STREP FP6-2004-26985

  • Auditoría de seguridad de la plataforma de votación electrónica PNYX. Entitat finançadora: SCYTL

  • SSADE : Secure system for efficient access and distribution of multimedia services. Project TEL 99-0822
    Security audit of the electronic voting platform PNYX. Funding Organization: SCYTL
  • GAUDI. Development of an automated management system for measuring devices in power-line communication (PLC). Caublau I+D
  • PASSI. Designing of a management and control system of identity certificates for the Agència Catalana de Certificació. Funding Organization: Azertia


Contact person

Óscar Esparza Martín

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