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Research Group on Cellular and Ad-hoc Networks


Research is focused in the field of location of terminals and devices connected to infrastructures belonging to wireless networks, the use of network management data for location purposes, the combination of autonomous time sources and network data and the knowledge of the terminals’ position to improve the network capacity and performance.

Research Topics

Ad-hoc networks
Cellular network traffic
Traffic characterization
Admission control
Resource management
Network planning
Mobility and location

Main projects

National projects (Plan Nacional de I+D+i)

  • Location of terminals in cellular networks terminals and its application in optimizing network operation (TEC2006-09466/TCM). Period: 2006-2009, 6 researchers.
  • IP based ubiquitous network (Red ubicua basada en IP, RUBI): analysis and development of a prototype for resource optimization with terminal location.  (TIC2003-01748). Period: 2004-2007. 18 researchers.
  • PROFIT -  Location and traceability systems applied to industry and services fields. Period: 2007-2008. 9 partners.

European and International

Contact person

Francisco Barceló Arroyo

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